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Shoplifters are everywhere! Invest in Shopping Centre Security

Nov 11, 2016

As Christmas approaches more and more people are heading to the shops to find that perfect gift for their loved ones. Unfortunately, the down turn in the economy means that some of them don’t want to pay for those gifts.

As a business owner, the Christmas season can incur huge losses due to shoplifting, misappropriation and vandalism. Tempers often fray, resulting in carpark rage, and in some cases, incidents of assault. How do you cope with this?

Invest in security. Hawk Eye Protection have extensive experience in supplying security services to shopping centres and private businesses.

A store detective may be the solution during quieter times of the year, but in the silly season crowds grow, and it can become impossible to monitor security properly.
Hawk Eye Security guards act as visible deterrents, preventing crime before it happens. With our security officers standing by, people will not be tempted to steal.

Our guards are trained to identify possible law-breakers and can swiftly and discreetly handle any situation that may arise.
If you are looking to protect your business this festive season, call Hawk Eye Protection today.
With competitive rates and professional staff, you can rest easy knowing we have your back.


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