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School After-Ball Hell – don’t let the actions of a few destroy precious memories!

Jan 19, 2017

For many senior students’ the Year 12 school ball is the highlight of the year and an opportunity for them to cut loose and have fun before the rigours of exam revision take their toll.

The ball is generally an accepted and well-organised activity on the school calendar. Organised by school staff and students, the majority are alcohol free and allow for restricted fun – or so says the kids. Thus, the continued popularity of the after-ball party. Largely organised by students, they have long been associated with excessive alcohol use and a range of alcohol related incidences. There have been reports of violence, drink driving crashes, property damage, unsafe and unwanted sex and other alcohol related injuries across the country.

People around the country, including health promoters, youth workers, road safety coordinators, liquor licensing staff and parents have worked alongside students to reduce these alcohol related harms. Although this approach is gaining popularity and is proving to be successful, the issue of after-ball parties continues to be a controversial one.

Schools have expressed different views about after-ball parties. Some have threatened to cancel the school ball if the after-ball goes ahead, some do not acknowledge these events take place, while others are very supportive. Schools can be put in a difficult position when they have not organised the event but are linked to any negative outcomes.

Hawk Eye Protection understands that parents want their kids to have a great time on ball night without being put at unnecessary risk. To help you throw an after-ball party we have written a checklist for you to read through and adapt to suit your circumstances.

Safe after ball checklist:

  • Limit tickets to Ball attendees and partners only
  • Limit numbers to the event
  • Entry by ticket, sold prior to night
  • Rubber stamp on entry (this is an extra security check)
  • Agreed finish time with local police (0330 hours usual)
  • Ensure rules are printed on tickets (highlighted in yellow)
  • No refunds on ticket or bulk purchasing
  • Police – after-ball host to provide police with time, date and place of after-ball party
  • Venue to be known to as few people as necessary (this can stop gate-crashers)
  • Door security by qualified personnel (1 guard per 50 students)
  • Security on entry/exit points to building, driveway, car park
  • Security presence by facilities and by DJ or band equipment (This helps to avoid any possible damage or vandalism)
  • Parents are not to be used for security
  • Sufficient food to be provided (BBQ, Sausage Rolls, Pizza etc)
  • Non‐alcoholic drink options including water
  • No alcohol to be included in the sale of ticket
  • Alcohol to be provided only by the parent or guardian
  • Persons arriving intoxicated refused entry
  • No glass (only cans or plastic) – RTD’s only glass bottles permitted
  • No open plastic bottles or premixed (homemade) drinks permitted
  • Limit amount of alcohol (6x 330ml cans of beer or 4x RTD’s per person)
  • Alcohol containing more than 7% alcoholic volume will not be permitted (including wine

An important part of the after ball is providing entertainment. Having the right music will create an impressive nightclub atmosphere. Students will tend to drink less if they are enjoying the music and having fun. Hiring the services of experienced professional DJs or bands is recommended.

Lastly, seriously consider hiring security personnel. It will put your mind at ease knowing there are experienced professionals onsite to act as incident deterrents.

For more information on Hawk Eye Protection’s after-ball party packages, contact us today.

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Perth nightlife fires up in January – don’t get burned by violence on the street

Jan 19, 2017

January is full of exciting social events and outdoor entertainment. The Fringe Festival kicks off on January 20-22 with a fantastic opening weekend planned, then the following week the skies above the Swan river will be ablaze with Skyworks 2017. Australia Day festivities will ensure the banks of the river are full and provide the perfect excuse for a party.

Have you thought about security precautions? It is a sad fact that violence can quite literally spiral out of control on Australia Day – even with the restrictions on alcohol there always seems to be news reports discussing how a simple Aussie day party went horribly wrong.

Hawk Eye Protection wants you to know that this doesn’t have to be the case. Our security officers act as incident deterrents, and are skilled at diffusing potentially violent situations discreetly and professionally. They work by observing and understanding the actions of party goers, identifying and removing potential hazards before you are even aware of them.

Our goal is for our clients to host their event without worrying about the possibility of conflict. We are present to ease your peace of mind.

If you are considering hosting an event on Australia day, or if you are a small business owner thinking about some added protection for your property over the Fringe Festival period, then call us today. The CBD can get very busy and we want you to feel safe in the knowledge that Hawk Eye Protection have your back.

Contact us today.

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Crime prevention reports – are they worth it?

Dec 21, 2016

Crime prevention reports – are they worth it?

How secure is your premises?

Are you 100% sure your property is burglar proof? How much are you willing to bet on that?

With many businesses closing over the Christmas period, are you willing to take the risk of leaving your premises vulnerable to thieves?


Can you handle stocktake sale fever??

Dec 14, 2016

Retail theft cost the Australian economy $2.4 billion dollars.

Lingerie, fashion accessories, high value electronics and even satellite navigation devices are favoured by retail thieves, reported Euromonitor International in the Global Retail Theft Barometer for 2012-13. Thieves are helping themselves to huge amounts of goods, with an estimated $2.4 billion worth of items stolen in Australia in 2012.


Avoid vandalism, theft and destruction on your building site!

Dec 8, 2016

Construction sites are easy targets for thieves as they often contain a lot of expensive equipment and materials, some of which can be easily taken from the site. You will not only get opportunistic thieves who come across your site, but if your building works are going to take a while, burglars or vandals may plan some sort of attack. (more…)

Construction Site Security: Protect your Investment

Nov 23, 2016

Thefts and vandalism on construction sites are common, causing thousands to be lost each year through replacement costs and insurance premiums.

No company can afford to repeatedly replace machinery, equipment, and other items targeted by criminals.


Shoplifters are everywhere! Invest in Shopping Centre Security

Nov 11, 2016

As Christmas approaches more and more people are heading to the shops to find that perfect gift for their loved ones. Unfortunately, the down turn in the economy means that some of them don’t want to pay for those gifts.


Why have a security guard at your business?

Nov 9, 2016

The reality is, crime and theft happens. Regularly. With the economy in a down turn, crime rates rise as people struggle to make ends meet. This results in petty theft and, in more serious cases, armed robbery.
Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks and retail stores, may be more of a target for criminals and petty thieves than other types, but a wide variety of businesses choose to hire security guards.


Tips for hosting a safe party

Oct 27, 2016
Tips for hosting a safe party


There are many reports in the media about parties getting out of control resulting in people getting hurt and property being damaged. Your birthday party, grand final celebration or Leaver’s Party should be fun, friendly and safe for those attending.  As a host or the parent of one, you are responsible for the safety and welfare of your guests, as well as the fun factor.

Here are some simple ways to make sure your party is a hit.


Melbourne Cup Events

Oct 13, 2016

Security for your Melbourne Cup Lunch

Event Security is a BIG issue these days, especially after scenes recently witnessed at the Listen Out Festival in Joondalup, where 200 people overwhelmed the security guards to enter the event without tickets.


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