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Melbourne Cup Events

Oct 13, 2016

Security for your Melbourne Cup Lunch

Event Security is a BIG issue these days, especially after scenes recently witnessed at the Listen Out Festival in Joondalup, where 200 people overwhelmed the security guards to enter the event without tickets.

From red carpet affairs to county fairs, trade shows to fashion shows, having the proper security measures in place can ease the minds of attendees, exhibitors, speakers and celebrity guests, and even reduce insurance costs. Having event security sends guests the message that not only do you have their safety in mind, it tells them that the event is important enough to have security on hand. This can be a great way to boost the prestige level of your event and to show others that you take event planning seriously enough to cover all contingencies.

Hawk Eye Protection offers top level Security Guards suitable for ensuring that the event you have organised won’t end in a shambles.

Here are our top 4 tips for ensuring your event runs smoothly:

  1. Enlist

Hire experts who have demonstrated experience. Ask for references and make sure they are properly insured. Many individuals state they have an event security company but don’t have insurance or experience. Always make sure that staff members are clearly identified, with clear description of credentials.

  1. Assess

Before requesting the number of event security guards you think you need, let a security expert assess your event based on capacity, attendees, venue and nature of your event to determine whether it is “high” or “low” profile experience.

While you might consider your event a simple low risk social occasion, security specialists are experts in risk assessment. They will offer sound advice regarding the protection required, and act as a visible deterrent for anyone with a grudge against the company or anyone wishing to protest, disrupt or do harm at your event.

  1. Prepare

Prepare for any possible disruptions by informing the event security of any known risks or possible troublemakers before the day, allowing them time to familiarise themselves with those risks.

While you make think that a disgruntled employee is unlikely to cause trouble, we have seen it time and time again. People may launch an attack against a company they feel discriminates against its workers, doesn’t pay them enough, mismanaged their retirement portfolios or any other reason they feel is justified.

  1. Budget

Trouble escalates quickly and while it is tempting to blow the budget on expensive drinks and gourmet food it is more important to ensure your event is adequately protected. By employing the services of a security specialist you will reduce the risk of potentially expensive incidents and ensure that every attendee has a great time.

Hawk Eye Protection have extensive experience in Event Protection and are very competitively priced. If you are looking for professional and visible incident deterrents, contact us today.

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