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Construction Site Security: Protect your Investment

Nov 23, 2016

Thefts and vandalism on construction sites are common, causing thousands to be lost each year through replacement costs and insurance premiums.

No company can afford to repeatedly replace machinery, equipment, and other items targeted by criminals.

With the economy struggling, can you afford not to protect your construction site?
Hiring a construction site guard is perhaps the smartest option. Security guards, especially the Construction Site Specialists at Hawk Eye Protection, are an affordable and effective choice and their presence means thieves are far less likely to target your site.

You may initially baulk at the idea of spending more money, but the cost of employing a guard is considerably less expensive than replacing stolen equipment. Even the smallest building projects can contain thousands of dollars’ worth of items, all at risk when left unprotected.

Many construction sites use heavy equipment on site; equipment that is impractical to move to and from safe storage on a daily basis. As a result, most equipment is left on site overnight, leaving it vulnerable to theft. Without doubt, hiring security professionals is the best way to deter theft.

The target for burglars has broadened, with copper wiring in particular being highly desirable, due to its value having increased dramatically recently.

Some scrap metal dealers have made it easy for thieves to sell stolen material as it is difficult to trace, so losses are mounting each month.

The cost to keep security on site can pay for itself in just a short period of time.
The duties of a construction site security guard include routine inspections of the property, creation of a security report for each day, traffic monitoring and either static or mobile monitoring. Their presence acts as a visible deterrent to thieves, and will save you thousands.

If you are concerned about security on your construction site, a professional security guards will eliminate your concerns. Qualified security guards supply peace of mind.

Hawk Eye Protection offers one of the most comprehensive construction site security options in Perth. If you need professionals, call Hawk Eye Protection today.

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